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Factors which have an influence on interviewee performance include may facets, including the dynamics between the interviewer-interviewee (Huffcut et al., 2011), interview specific self-efficacy and belief; (Tross & Maurer, 2008); interview medium (Chapman, Uggerslev, & Webster, 2003); and interviewer personality ( Graves, 1993; Rynes, 1989).    Factors within your control as an interviewee, is interview self-efficacy, impression management and taking a proactive approach to your preparation and to the information imparted at interview.

Using evidence based tools, and a proven preparation framework, we work with you to help you optimise your own self-belief, interview performance and to create a positive professional impression with every contact from application right through to the interview.

We understand that your time is precious and hence we try to accommodate busy schedules with appointments outside normal office hours and in line with different time zones.
We offer coaching virtually via Zoom and in-person. This ensures that you will receive a professional service at a time to suit your needs.

Our clients are based not only in Ireland, but throughout the UK, Australia, Canada and North America.   While our vast expertise covers a wide range of professions from Engineering, Finance, Legal to IT, we primarily specialise in Medical Consultant and HST Interviews for HSE and NHS posts.

We are also experienced working with other Allied Health professionals including nursing and physiotherapists.

In addition, we are highly experienced in coaching a wide variety of Public Sector employees preparing for Competency Based Interviews, so please feel free to contact us regardless of your occupation. 

Our success is evidenced in that all our business comes from referrals from previous clients.

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